We have seen this before, many times. Boring old accountancy blogs, that only accountants can understand. Jammed packed with so much jargon, we are never really sure if they are even speaking English!

What’s the point?

Never mind alienating your audience; you are doing the whole accountancy industry a disservice by confusing clients and enforcing a horrible stereotype.

Well torr|waterfield says no more! Accountants should be more than number crunchers; they should want to see your business succeed. They should be able to give advice on what direction is best for you and your business financially… Oh wait, we already do that!

Because we are so passionate about local business, we think ‘being in the know’ is important and we want to share our knowledge with everyone. We hope to bring you a series of blogs that aim to help your understanding of what is accountancy and how to help your business grow.

Watch this space!