Leicester Futures Lifestyle Event.

Last night Torr|Waterfield were invited to Fat Cats in Leicester for a fun night of socialising, live music and small business networking.

With a free drink on arrival and delicious canapés through the night the tone was set for a relaxed evening that was more about getting to know each other rather than what we all did for a living. The evening kicked off with a short speech from Michael Goodchild, founder of the Futures Network, thanking everyone for coming and making the event possible. Michael was followed by the acoustic band playing chart covers singers such as Neyo. New business Proof.is had a fantastic showreel up on the big screen, demonstrating their skills in photography and video production.

Other exhibitors such as Head & Griffin and the Digital Marketing Mentors gave short speeches throughout the night showing support for the Futures Network and letting everyone know what they did.

Everyone had something great to say about the night;

The evening was a resounding success!  I particularly enjoyed David’s speech from Digital Marketing Mentor, on the future of marketing, which highlighted both the positive and negative impacts social media can have on your business”. – Katie from Torr|Waterfield

Networking newbie Chloe Moorhouse found the whole evening very productive. With aspirations to be a writer and set up her own design business she described Jana’s speech on fear of the unknown as ‘inspirational’.

“I came thinking that networking would be really scary and formal but everyone here has been really lovely. I have now have set up meetings to discuss my business plans and see how I can take it further” – Chloe Moorhouse.


The night winded down on a high note with many feeling like they had a good night out with friends rather than business associates. Freelance artist Miranda ‘Panda’ Tyers said “I will definitely come to the next Futures Event”, promising to bring her sketch book to share. As expected the Torr|Waterfield team were the last to leave insisting that the night was still young.

Overall the night was perhaps one of the most successful the Futures Network events. We all look forward to next time.

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Photographed George Horne @ Proof and Rebecca Wilson from Torrwaterfield

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