Leicester Futures Christmas

On the 8th December the Torr Waterfield team was invited to a night of whiskey and rum tasting at the very chic Manhattan 34. Rachel Priestley, Mike Waterfield and I answered the call of the Futures Network. This was one last meet up for all members of the Futures Network before everyone went off to enjoy their Christmas and New Year.


As expected it was a slightly smaller turn out than previous Futures event due to Christmas being around the corner. With 40 attendees there was defiantly no shortage of people to chat and mingle with. A few new faces came along and were instantly welcomed. One new member commented on how relaxed the whole evening felt, with no pressure to sell yourself or business. This is a place a swap ideas, not business cards! Manhattan 34 was the perfect setting for such an event being Leicester’s coolest bar in the cultural quarter while feeling welcoming and warm from the cold outside. I love the unwavering dedication to the 30’s with jazz music and staff in fedoras. I especially love that Manhattan 34 are able to pull this look off without looking cheesy or being gimmicky.


Michael Goodchild, founder of the Futures Network opened with a speech on plans for the Futures Network for 2012. An exciting announcement was also made by Michael about setting up an online viral marketing campaign which will feature professionals from the Futures Network. He welcomed any suggestions and help from everyone interested. On offer for tasting for the evening were Auchentoshan, Amarula and Patron. Each unique in scent and flavour, they all proved to be very popular but the Amarula was my personal favourite with a warm, almost spicy flavour, perfect for season with sweet fruity aftertaste. It was obvious from the start that there would be multiple tastings of each with many keeping within arms reach of the table for more! Having now been to three Futures events there are people I am starting to become familiar with, who I would never have before had the opportunity. I was surprised when people were coming over to say hello as they remembered me from previous events


We all look forward to seeing what The Futures Network will bring to Leicester in the New Year!

To view all of the pictures from the event go to our Facebook group and click ‘Like’ to see what we got up to!




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