When is your first tax return due?

If you have recently started to receive income from the following:

–        Self employment

–        Directorship

–        Rental property

–        Other untaxed sources

You will need to complete a self assessment tax return. Generally speaking your first tax return period ends on 5 April after you commence any of the above.

The deadlines for submission of the return are:

–        Paper – 31 October

–        Electronic – 31 January

There is a lot more information and guidance available at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/sa/index.htm

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Want to minimise the amount of tax you pay?

Consider if your business structure is the most appropriate for you – as you get larger it may be more efficient to trade through a limited company rather than as a sole trader.

Invest in equipment – the cost of the first £25k per year of equipment (excluding cars) is deductible in full as an expense against your profits.

If you are a higher rate taxpayer, make pension contributions and gift aid donations – you will get 25% back from the government as a reduction in your tax liability.

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