Bradgate Park Training Walk

The first weekend of April saw the three peaks challenge members take on another training walk. The members headed to Bradgate Park where they spent three hours walking the paths and hilly terrain. Bev Atkins took part in the walk and took lots of pictures which can be seen below. Here is why Bev decided to take on the challenge.

“As my friends and colleagues know well I am never one to turn down a challenge, so when Tom Simpson strolled into the office one afternoon declaring “I’ve found our next challenge” my ears pricked up. Tom went on to explain that Bamboozle were organising a fundraising challenge and that we could get involved to help support their excellent work, so far so good, someone else had come up with idea we just needed to get involved. Then he revealed that it was the Three Peaks Challenge, I have to admit I did have to think about this one for a few minutes as it’s no mean feat in just 24 hours, but then again what’s the point if it’s easy… so I was in from the start. I have been involved in previous walking challenges that Torr Waterfield have organised so i know what I’m letting myself in for, although I think this is the toughest one yet. I am already a member of a gym (and actually go regularly) this is just an added incentive to keep it up and I am also trying to get as much hill walking practice in as possible. I wouldn’t say I’m competitive… but I do not want to be the last one down the mountain and will be disappointed if I don’t make the target time, so it’s full steam ahead on the training.”

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Here is one of the many reasons why we have decided to support the fantactic charity Bamboozle.

This is from the carer of James after one Bamboozle session. 

“Amazing!!  My student gets very little pleasure from day to day activities.  He is very sensitive, totally blind, not happy with physical touch and spends a lot of his day self-harming.  He wears a boxing helmet to protect his face from the harm and is usually covered in blankets for comfort.  Today he sat through the whole Bamboozle experience with minimum blankets, his helmet off and his head held high.  He laughed and rocked and vocalised to the show.  He welcomed the sensory touch and quite obviously enjoyed every bit of the show.  Staff were brought to tears to see his interaction.  Words cannot express what Bamboozle brings to students at Hollybank.  Thank you so much!!”
Jill Vandesande, Hollybank Trust, Yorkshire.

If you want to learn more about the fantastic work Bamboozle do then take a look at their website (click here) and if your feeling generous then why not make a donation at

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