Charities – Did you know?

A charity must maintain accounting records.

A charity must prepare annual accounts.

A charity must make their annual accounts available to the public on request.

A charity must record the name under which it is registered, if appropriate, and any other name which it uses.

A charity must record the address of its principal office.

Many charities have a duty to file accounts and an annual report with the Charity Commission if their gross income exceeds £25,000.

Most non-company charities with a gross income of £250,000 or less may prepare their accounts on a receipts and payments basis.

Most charities with a gross annual income in excess of £25,000 are required to have their accounts independently examined or audited.

An audit will usually be required if the gross annual income exceeds £1,000,000.

An audit may be required for other reasons – for example it is specified in the trust deed.

If you consider we may be able to assist you in operating your charity please contact us for a no obligation meeting. Richard Jeffreys April 2012.JPG

Richard Jeffreys, Senior Audit Manager

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