What Changes in April 2016? (Part 2 – Employment Tax)

Our first in this series of blogs focused on the personal tax changes coming in April 2016, now it’s the turn of employment tax. The Government seem to have decided that the National Minimum Wage (NMW) isn’t quite high enough to live off, so from 1 April 2016 there will be a National Living Wage… Continue reading What Changes in April 2016? (Part 2 – Employment Tax)

What Changes in April 2016? (Part 1 – Personal Tax)

Now the Self Assessment season has passed, it seems a good time for a quick update on the changes coming up in April 2016. None of this is new, but it comes from various Budgets and Autumn Statements (the Government like to keep us on our toes by announcing lots of changes at the same… Continue reading What Changes in April 2016? (Part 1 – Personal Tax)

The importance of pre financial year end reviews

At Torr Waterfield we are always looking at ways to remain pro active with our clients ensuring they are ahead of the game in keeping their taxes to a minimum each year. One such way is to contact us ahead of your financial year, especially if you know you are having successful one, this way… Continue reading The importance of pre financial year end reviews

Benefits in Kind

Now that the 31st January self assessment filing deadline has passed, we are turning our attention to 5th April, and the tax year end... Following 5th April, all businesses must submit forms P11d to HMRC (where applicable) reporting all benefits in kind given to employees for the last tax year. What are benefits in kind?… Continue reading Benefits in Kind

Tax Return Deadline

Every year we all have important dates to remember:  birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day etc. In our work lives there are even more:  Payroll deadlines, VAT quarters, annual accounts and many others. The one key date that seems to cause more headaches than any other is the deadline for filing personal tax returns – 31 January!… Continue reading Tax Return Deadline

Management Accounts

What are they and why are they useful? As an accountant I love preparing accounts, as clients you might see them as a necessary evil, documents to be filed at Companies House or the basis for your tax bill.  They are so much more than that, however their disadvantage is that they are historical, are… Continue reading Management Accounts

A day in the life, of an accountant.

“Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head” – a day in the life, of an accountant. I’m sure you’ve all wondered (or perhaps not), but here’s a brief outline of what on earth it is we do all day. It’s Tuesday, and at 8.30am our whole team gathers in reception… Continue reading A day in the life, of an accountant.