My day is never boring.

It is Tuesday 22nd March; I don’t usually work on a Tuesday but I am today!

When I come in, the first thing I do like most people is open up my computer, the emails are always the first thing to load, my first email was from Hollie telling me I had been picked out to do the next blog. OH NO, panic!  I haven’t a clue what a blog is, how to do one or if I have ever read one.

With the help of my colleagues around me, Becky, Heather, Paula and Zahra, I have been on to the TorrWaterfield website and read a few of our previous blogs. I know I probably should have been on before but I am not really up with all the social media stuff.

I’ve titled mine ‘My day is never boring’, because most of my days are always different.

I am the credit controller at Torr Waterfield; on and off I have been involved with credit control for about 25 years. I feel very lucky to work with such nice, friendly people and to have a job that I really enjoy.

My first task of the day is to go through my diary, not the one on the computer, but an old fashioned paper diary, (it’s what I was taught when I first did the job and what I still do now) everything I need to do I write in there. The sort of things I write down are checking that a promised payment has come in, email to remind a payment is due, has the client returned their completed standing order mandate, have the clients first standing order payments come through, have the managers replied to my email I sent to them, all sorts of things.

Once I have done this I go through my debtors list to check which invoices are still outstanding. I email a client to advise they have an invoice which is now due; after 10 days if it is still outstanding I email again; after a further 10 days if it still remains outstanding, I will telephone the client.  I quite like telephoning clients because once they answer the telephone they can’t ignore me like they can an email, it is something I have done for a long time and you have to learn how to say things in a certain way, for instance, if a client hasn’t paid, I can’t ring and say ‘you haven’t paid your bill’, you have to say ‘we don’t seem to have received your payment’, it’s all about the way you word things.

Sometimes it can be quite frustrating when I have to constantly ring the same clients but it is all part and parcel of the job.

As well as chasing payments, I check the cash diary for payments on a daily basis, I send out standing order mandates to clients, I update Sage and Excel with client standing order payments that come in, I review standing orders every 3 months, I take credit card payments, I have monthly meetings with all managers regarding their debtors lists and finally I review client referrals every 3 months in order to raise appropriate credits in line with our client referral scheme.

That’s what I do in credit control !

Linda Sampson, Credit Control

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