A day in the life of a junior accountant

Some of you may think that training to become an accountant involves going to university and graduating with a degree – but this is not always the case. Here is my day as a junior accountant:

It’s the dreaded Monday morning and I’m waking up nice and early so that I can attempt to miss the rush hour traffic. Get into work, turn on my computer and sit down with a brew to wake me up before starting work.

First job is a set of accounts, looking through the income and expenses, then knuckling down to balance some control accounts!

At 10am I have a catch up with one of the directors to discuss my plan of action for the week including jobs that need completing, what bills need raising, any deadlines that are looming and any courses that I will be taking.

After that I will carry on with the set of accounts I am working on for the rest of the morning, making sure that I make full use of my lunch by working on some booklets that need completing in order for me to pass my AAT qualification – currently I am working on ‘developing commercial awareness’ which involves me producing a presentation to show to my tutor based on Torr Waterfield.

When lunch is over, I will pass the finished set of accounts over to my trainer who will look through them to adjust any notes or figures to make sure that the accounts are correct. Once he has passed these back to me, I will review the notes so that I am aware of anything that I will need to look out for on my next job and do the amendments that are necessary.

It’s now time to see the client manager with the job who will scrutinize the figures and ask any questions that they will need to know in order to have a successful meeting with the client.

Once the manager has reviewed the file and is happy with the figures I will contact the client to arrange the meeting.

It’s now 5.15pm- but my day is not over!

Time for college now to learn about ‘budgeting’ for one of my five AAT level 4 exams.

At 5.45pm the tutor will go through the aims of that lesson and then the lesson commences; a 5 minute break at 7.15pm. Just an hour left!

We complete some practice questions as a group, and then jot down the home work that the tutor has set us for that week.

Finally 8.15pm – it is home time!

Jessica Cooper , Accounts & Tax 


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