Goodbye Annual Return Hello Confirmation Statement



From 30 June 2016 the Confirmation Statement replaced the Annual Return.

The Confirmation Statement is intended to serve roughly the same purpose as the Annual Return but rather than providing a snapshot of your company data at a specific date, you now need to confirm that the information held at Companies House is accurate and up to date. 

As with the Annual Return reminders to file the Confirmation Statement are posted out from Companies House to the Registered Office advising that the Confirmation Statement is due.

Changes that can be submitted with the Confirmation Statement using the additional part of the form are:-

Principal business activities or standard industrial classification (SIC).

Statement of capital.

Trading status of shares.

Shareholder information.

Information about people with significant control (PSC)

Other changes (for example, registered office address or officer appointments) need to be completed separately, either before the Confirmation Statement or at the same time.

TorrWaterfield includes preparing the Confirmation Statement for clients to check, sign and return before then submitting it to Companies House, as part of our Registered Office service. This additional service can also be completed for any client upon request.  

Please contact us on 0116 242 3400 if you would like any further information regarding the new Confirmation Statement.

Heather Waterfield


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