More Personal Tax to pay in January 2018?

No one wants to pay more tax, but from 6th April 2016, individuals who receive dividends will be taxed under new legislation. To explain how much this new measure could cost you we have created a short helpful video.  Please visit our YouTube channel here to watch.   Having viewed the video, if you would… Continue reading More Personal Tax to pay in January 2018?

VAT on Commercial Vehicles

You would think that it was easy to identify a commercial vehicle, such as a HGV or a transit van and in most cases it is. However vehicle companies are now manufacturing vehicles that have a dual purpose. These vehicles are car derived vans which are sold as lifestyle vehicles that can also be used… Continue reading VAT on Commercial Vehicles

Have you paid your self-assessment bill?

Tax Payments – How late can you be? With the madness of the January tax return deadline, it may have slipped some of your minds to actually pay your self-assessment bill. If this is the case then you may be wondering how you will be penalised for doing so. For those that have filed their… Continue reading Have you paid your self-assessment bill?

Correcting Errors on Your VAT Return

Picture the scene: it’s the end of the month, you’ve just submitted your VAT return for the quarter, you close your laptop and there behind it is a small pile of invoices that you’d forgotten to include. This isn’t uncommon.  Here’s a few questions that you might be thinking: Can I amend the return that… Continue reading Correcting Errors on Your VAT Return


Selling a business can be a lengthy and stressful process. A sale may be considered due to pending retirement, illness, a lifestyle change, or a host of other reasons. The better and more time you have to prepare for a sale, the less stressful the experience will be. Here at Torr Waterfield, we can help… Continue reading ARE YOU THINKING OF SELLING YOUR BUSINESS?