You may have missed that 2018 saw the first National Numeracy Day in the UK.

No need to miss out again as it takes place again this year on May 15.

Click Here

Many of our clients will profess to not being paper-work people.  Not a problem as it is part of what we do to help them organise their records and maintain compliance with all relevant legislation.

I wonder though how many people suffer from “maths anxiety” and do not feel confident with handling numbers.  I am not directing my thoughts to any group of people in particular but it could be that you know others that this might apply to.

Perhaps you could encourage them to take a look at the link above.

I imagine that most people have heard of, and probably encountered, the condition known as dyslexia, where people struggle with words.  How many have heard of dyscalculia?  A similar learning difficulty but related to maths not language.  Most people will not have such a severe condition but many may benefit from improving their confidence with numbers.

There are links to some numeracy challenges from the Numeracy Day website – even if you’re pretty good with numbers you may find them an interesting challenge; give it a go!

Neil Ford, Client Manager

0116 2423400

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