We Did It – 2018 Charity Challenge, The Plod

This year’s challenge was a 40 mile walk around Rutland. We started at around 10pm on Saturday and continued through the night, finishing at 3pm on Sunday afternoon.  This works out as 18 hours allowing for the clocks going back which was fortunate as we had another hour to walk!

The walk really was a challenge and, of the 17 who started, 11 finished the entire 40 miles.

We were walking for the majority of the time besides the two well deserved pub stops, a breakfast stop and a few 5 minute breaks.

It was an experience to say the least and I did enjoy the walk besides the dark, cold, wind, rain and taking very unnecessary detours over muddy fields!

An amazing breakfast was provided by John and Ingrid Ferry which the team at Torr Waterfield are very grateful for.

This was definitely our toughest challenge to date.

We would like to thank everybody that has supported and sponsored us. The walk has raised jut over £7,500 so far for the charity Coping With Cancer.

There is still time to donate. It would be incredible if you could show some support for the team and make a donation small or large, it’s all for a great cause. Please please visit our total giving page www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/torrwaterrutland18

Thanks from all the Team.

There are lots of photos from the walk on our Facebook page but here are a few of our favourites.


VAT: Overseas sales

VAT: Overseas sales

Below are some very basic rules of how to deal with VAT on overseas sales. If you ever come across these, please contact us as there are a lot more details which should be reviewed before anything is submitted to HMRC.

The following are basic questions that need to be answered before being able to decide whether VAT should be charged or not:

Are you supplying goods or services?

Are you supplying to a business or a consumer?

Where are they located?

Are they VAT registered?



VAT Registered Business-

If the VAT number has been provided by the Business and there is a VAT number on the invoice as well as documentary proof of export, VAT can be charged at 0%.

Non-VAT Registered Business or Consumer-

If the customer is not VAT registered you will have to charge VAT at 20%. However this is only true until the distance selling threshold is exceeded, which depends on the country concerned.

 Outside the EU:

If the Customer resides outside the EU, VAT can be charged at 0%.



All VAT and Non-VAT Registered Businesses-

VAT can be charged at 0%, if the service is for business purposes.


VAT must be charged at 20%.

However, if it is an ‘e-service’ you would have to charge VAT at that country’s own rate.

Outside the EU:

All VAT and Non-VAT Registered Businesses-

VAT can be charged at 0%.


VAT can be charged at 0% for the following services:

Electronically supplied services





Supply of staff

Hire of goods

Telecoms and broadcasting


VAT must be charged at 20% on all other services.

If you have any queries, or require any further information on this, please do not hesitate to contact us 0116 2423400

Jess Cooper, Accounts & Tax 

A Year out

In 1995 my husband and myself decided to take a year out to travel around the world.

At the time I worked for British Telecom who were kind enough to give me the time off, which meant I had a job to come home to. My husband gave up his job but he did have another job offer for when he came home. We both had two jobs and worked all the hours we could to save up the money for our trip.

When I told my dad I remember he wasn’t very impressed, we had a house, he said we should be settling down to start a family not travelling the world.

We sat down and worked out a rough itinerary of where we wanted to go then went to a travel agent. We said want to go here, here, here and here – what flights can they do for us. A couple of places we were going to involved flying in to one place and travelling over land to fly out from somewhere else.

September 1995 – We were dropped off at Heathrow ready for our adventure, one backpack each with roughly what we thought we might need, and our round the world plane tickets.

The first place we were heading to was Delhi, India, we had no accommodation booked, my dad would have gone nuts if he had known so we didn’t tell anyone. We used the Lonely Planet guide which they call the travellers bible, it is, it has everything you need to know, people who have travelled write it so it has alot of information about things you probably wouldn’t know about.

The places we visited after India were Nepal (Annapurna range Himalayas), Kashmir, Singapore, Taman Negara National Park, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Bangkok, Hong Kong, China (Xian, Yangtze River, Tiananmen Square), Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii (Pearl Harbour), Los Angeles (where we had some friends arrive from England to finish our trip with us), New York, Washington D.C, Chicago, Alaska (Denali National Park), Canada (Jasper and Banff National Park), San Francisco, Mexico, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

We ended back in Los Angeles were we sold our car, said goodbye to our friends and then made the long journey back to the UK, back to our home and jobs.

It was great to see everyone when we came home because you do miss people especially when it is someone’s birthday or Christmas. We absolutely loved our year out, I think it taught us a lot about ourselves, when visiting other counties you learn to appreciate what you have at home and are grateful for it, you have to learn to be organised with travel, accommodation everything really. You also have to learn respect for other country’s beliefs and cultures.

I found it quite difficult to settle back into normal life after such an amazing year out, but I can honestly say I would recommend it to everyone, it was definitely worth the experience. I learnt a lot which I think I still use today, patience, understanding, caring, being organised, being respectful and listening to people.

Linda Sampson, Credit Control thailand-national-park-2-1386659.jpg