My day is never boring.

It is Tuesday 22nd March; I don’t usually work on a Tuesday but I am today! When I come in, the first thing I do like most people is open up my computer, the emails are always the first thing to load, my first email was from Hollie telling me I had been picked out… Continue reading My day is never boring.

‘Spring’ your business forward with a fresh look at book-keeping

Staying on top of the book-keeping is often an overlooked part of business, with a mad rush around deadline time to get everything up to date.  However, in order to better understand your business and ensure you are maintaining a healthy profit margin, keeping on top of your records is key. We recommend you therefore… Continue reading ‘Spring’ your business forward with a fresh look at book-keeping

Summer Budget 2015

On 8 July 2015 George Obsorne presented his first Budget of this Parliament, and the first Conservative-only budget since 1996. This Budget is aimed to not only balance the books, but remove some of the imbalances within the tax system.  Some of these changes were completely unexpected... The Chancellor has definitely thrown a few curve… Continue reading Summer Budget 2015

What do you actually pay accountants for? Let’s be honest…

  It is very tempting when running your own business to save a bit of cash by sorting all of your own finances. It can’t be that hard, you think.   Add up sales here make deductions here, then work out the VAT, do your tax returns fill out the forms, arrange audits, calculate fixed… Continue reading What do you actually pay accountants for? Let’s be honest…