Tell us how we’re doing!

If you are a client of ours, you may have already received one of our bespoke feedback surveys. You may have even thought to yourself “I wonder if anyone actually reads these?” well… the answer is yes!

The feedback forms which we receive are read out to the whole team at our weekly team meeting to ensure their hard work is noticed and also to be aware of any improvements suggested. Better yet, you are also entered onto our system where names will automatically be placed in Torr Waterfield’s annual prize draw to win a luxury Christmas hamper – So it is safe to say that we do act on the feedback received from our clients! You are THE most important part of the business.

This is why Torr Waterfield aspires to continually deliver in accordance to your expectations and never give you any cause for complaints. We always value receiving feedback about our services – So it doesn’t matter whether you have received a feedback form to fill out or not!

We would be grateful for a few short minutes of your time to create a testimonial about our services or any other thoughts you would like to share. This could be related to a positive experience you had with us or describing how you have benefitted from our services. Likewise, we also welcome any suggestions or criticisms.

Permission to put your testimonial in our collection book of comments about our services would be significantly appreciated. This will be placed in the waiting area on reception for our clients to read. They may even make it to the testimonial section on our website which you can view here.

Your feedback can be emailed to or you can post it to our business address. Previous testimonials have been handwritten, had pictures on or had humour to them – so feel free to be as creative as you want!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Charity Of The Year

Each year at Torr Waterfield we choose a charity, local or national, to represent and raise money for.  Previous charities we have supported are The Epilepsy Society, Bamboozle Theatre Company, Keep The Beat and many more.

This year we have chosen L.A.M.P. (Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Projects). LAMP works to support those in mental distress in our community. Mental health is often stigmatised within society and as a consequence under-funding for mental health charities is a constant issue. Their advocates support and protect the rights of vulnerable people in mental distress who are often unable to voice their needs and concerns, explain their rights and protect these rights.

Over the course of the next year we will raise money through a variety of activities such as dress down days, staff cake sales and planned events.

On the 10th May we held our annual Torr Waterfield Karting Cup where 12 teams competed in a two hour endurance race. The evening was packed with some memorable moments resulting in £1200 being raised for L.A.M.P

September is when we have our ‘Walking challenge’ where staff, friends and family take part in an organised walk. This year will see us spend two days walking 45 miles of mixed terrain around Lake Windermere.

If you would like to learn more about L.A.M.P.’s services please visit their website 

Hollie Crown, Office Manager 

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Leicester Futures Christmas

On the 8th December the Torr Waterfield team was invited to a night of whiskey and rum tasting at the very chic Manhattan 34. Rachel Priestley, Mike Waterfield and I answered the call of the Futures Network. This was one last meet up for all members of the Futures Network before everyone went off to enjoy their Christmas and New Year.


As expected it was a slightly smaller turn out than previous Futures event due to Christmas being around the corner. With 40 attendees there was defiantly no shortage of people to chat and mingle with. A few new faces came along and were instantly welcomed. One new member commented on how relaxed the whole evening felt, with no pressure to sell yourself or business. This is a place a swap ideas, not business cards! Manhattan 34 was the perfect setting for such an event being Leicester’s coolest bar in the cultural quarter while feeling welcoming and warm from the cold outside. I love the unwavering dedication to the 30’s with jazz music and staff in fedoras. I especially love that Manhattan 34 are able to pull this look off without looking cheesy or being gimmicky.


Michael Goodchild, founder of the Futures Network opened with a speech on plans for the Futures Network for 2012. An exciting announcement was also made by Michael about setting up an online viral marketing campaign which will feature professionals from the Futures Network. He welcomed any suggestions and help from everyone interested. On offer for tasting for the evening were Auchentoshan, Amarula and Patron. Each unique in scent and flavour, they all proved to be very popular but the Amarula was my personal favourite with a warm, almost spicy flavour, perfect for season with sweet fruity aftertaste. It was obvious from the start that there would be multiple tastings of each with many keeping within arms reach of the table for more! Having now been to three Futures events there are people I am starting to become familiar with, who I would never have before had the opportunity. I was surprised when people were coming over to say hello as they remembered me from previous events


We all look forward to seeing what The Futures Network will bring to Leicester in the New Year!

To view all of the pictures from the event go to our Facebook group and click ‘Like’ to see what we got up to!


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A survival’s guide to networking events

With the Leicester Business Event coming up next week, we thought it would be a good idea to give you all a little crash course in large networking events such as these. For first timers, the experience can be daunting, slightly overwhelming and for those not used to business networking, out right scary.

Here are a few tips for those of you wanting to get the most out of your day at Walkers Stadium. Some of the points we make might sound a little obvious but at the same time so easy to forget on the day.

  1. When you enter the exhibition area you should get an info pack. We are going to suggest something crazy here… read it! So many people will walk in and become so distracted with everything going, looking through all the information handed to you by the very nice person at the registration desk may just completely slip your mind. This info pack will contain all the exhibitors for the day and where you can find them. It will also let you know when and where to be for the important seminars or speed networking. Just spend the first 10 minutes looking through all this info and plan out a route around the floor.  There might be a company or potential client there and you had no idea they were exhibiting. Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself personally? It can be infuriating at the end of a tiring day, you are leaving to discover you missed a VIP all because you forgot to check a flyer in your goodie bag.
  2. Allow your self enough time. Book out 2 hours of your day to this event and by looking through the info pack you have a good idea if you want to stay longer or not. Two hours is a good amount of time at least to visit every stand and introduce your self. If there are any talks that you want to attend, factor this into what time you arrive and how long you wish to be there for. Rushing round the exhibition as you have a previous engagement is never a good idea.
  3. Business cards! Again, another obvious one but make sure you bring more than you usually would. With the combination of 80 stands and over 750 attendees, that’s a lot of business cards. We are not suggesting that you take hundreds of cards with you on the off chance that you will talk to that many people. BUT there will be times when leaving a business card at a stand will save you so much more and effort. One of the staples of these events is that there will be many competitions, handing over card instead of writing your info 10 times in row is saves writers cramp.
  4. Be open minded! LBE is particularly known for it’s 60 second speed networking sessions. To many the idea of talking non-stop and selling your self is a total nightmare, but its always worth a go. You might find that it is an excellent way to sell your company’s product and meet that all important lead. On the other hand you could find that it really doesn’t suit you or your business style, which is fine. But you won’t know unless you try it.
  5. Don’t put too much pressure on your self. Definitely get as much as you can out of the day, but do not feel let down if it doesn’t generate the leads you had hoped. Try and see all the positives from the day such as;

You got your brand name out

Perhaps you have a few new contacts

Learnt more about your market

Got some excellent feedback on your services/products.

All of these things are a learning experience and will help in the long run. Hopfully with these points in mind you will be ready to go and prepared for any networking event that is thrown your way!

See you on Thursday!

Leicester Business Event 2011

A quick heads up for everyone, we will be at the Leicester Business Event 2011, held at the Walkers Stadium on the 29th September. Doors will open at 9.30 am till 4.30 pm. This is an excellent opportunity for all Leicester based businesses to exchange ideas and details.


There will be a few intensive networking sessions and seminars on marketing and how to improve sales. With over 80 exhibitors, it is definitely worth making the effort to come along.


For more information on how to book tickets follow the link

Leicester Business Event 2011

Torr|Waterfield accountants will be there, offering our knowledge and services to all. We will also be having a draw for some fantastic prizes (to be announced). So come along and introduce your self, our team would love to meet you.