Lower heating bills for renters – Landlords do you need to make changes?

From 1 April 2018 all privately rented properties must have a minimum energy performance rating of “E”. This means landlords must make improvements to homes, upgrading insulation or heating systems for example, which should make them cheaper to heat. The regulations will come into force for new lets and renewals of tenancies with effect from… Continue reading Lower heating bills for renters – Landlords do you need to make changes?

Payroll A Timely Update

2013-14 Payroll Year End Due to the introduction of RTI submissions this year the year end submission is more straightforward and therefore the deadline is now 19 April 2014. Please note that if your pay day is a Saturday then you will have a Week 53 for Saturday 5 April 2014 which must be processed… Continue reading Payroll A Timely Update

When is your first tax return due?

If you have recently started to receive income from the following: -        Self employment -        Directorship -        Rental property -        Other untaxed sources You will need to complete a self assessment tax return. Generally speaking your first tax return period ends on 5 April after you commence any of the above. The deadlines for submission… Continue reading When is your first tax return due?