Tell us how we’re doing!

If you are a client of ours, you may have already received one of our bespoke feedback surveys. You may have even thought to yourself “I wonder if anyone actually reads these?” well... the answer is yes! The feedback forms which we receive are read out to the whole team at our weekly team meeting… Continue reading Tell us how we’re doing!

Automatic Enrolment – What should I do if I’m not an employer?

Following on from Becky’s blog back In November: ‘Help – I’ve received a letter from the Pension Regulator’ I’m sure there are some of you wondering what you should do if you do not employ anybody, and consequently don’t have anybody on your payroll, or are a director only company. Automatic enrolment duties do not… Continue reading Automatic Enrolment – What should I do if I’m not an employer?

When do I need to register for VAT?

You must register for VAT when your VAT taxable turnover exceeds the ‘VAT registration threshold’ of £83,000. This is calculated on a rolling 12-month basis and is not solely based on your year-end accounts turnover ... so please be aware of this! What happens if I don’t register in time? If you forget to register… Continue reading When do I need to register for VAT?

Voluntary VAT Registration

It is not compulsory to register for VAT until your annual turnover/sales reach £83,000. However, any business can register for VAT at any time. So why would anyone want to register for VAT and charge their customers an extra 20%? Do you sell to the general public? If so, registering for VAT is not for… Continue reading Voluntary VAT Registration

What is a tax return?

With the Self-Assessment deadline looming I thought I would bring you some useful information on tax returns. So what is a tax return? A ‘Self-Assessment Tax Return’ is an annual form used by an individual to report their total income and business expenses to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).  The reason why the form is… Continue reading What is a tax return?

Leicester Futures Christmas

On the 8th December the Torr Waterfield team was invited to a night of whiskey and rum tasting at the very chic Manhattan 34. Rachel Priestley, Mike Waterfield and I answered the call of the Futures Network. This was one last meet up for all members of the Futures Network before everyone went off to… Continue reading Leicester Futures Christmas