Late registration for VAT can be costly to your business.

Registering for VAT is a must if your turnover reaches a certain level; it’s part of your role to ensure that your business is suitably prepared and aware of when the registration needs to be made. The VAT registration threshold is £85,000 – meaning that once your turnover crosses this level, in a 12 month… Continue reading Late registration for VAT can be costly to your business.

When Do I Have To Register for VAT?

If you are aware of an increase in turnover, or are unsure about whether you should be VAT registered or not, the following points should help:                                                       If your turnover… Continue reading When Do I Have To Register for VAT?

Voluntary VAT Registration

It is not compulsory to register for VAT until your annual turnover/sales reach £83,000. However, any business can register for VAT at any time. So why would anyone want to register for VAT and charge their customers an extra 20%? Do you sell to the general public? If so, registering for VAT is not for… Continue reading Voluntary VAT Registration

Should you be VAT registered ?

If your sales in the last twelve months have been over £77,000, then you will almost certainly need to be VAT registered. Once registered then VAT must be considered every time that you make a sale. The standard rate of 20% will apply to most sales and the default position is that you will be… Continue reading Should you be VAT registered ?